Why Your Product Launch Needs a Pre-Launch Campaign

Key Takeaways

  • Before launching a new product launch, prepare the market with a pre-launch campaign
  • Pre-launch campaigns shape the market to focus on the problem your product uniquely solves

Planning a big launch campaign for your new device next year? Now is the time to prime the market for your launch with a pre-launch campaign.

Months in advance of your campaign, a pre-launch campaign ensures that when you do launch, the market will be listening. Also called problem campaigns, pre-launches build demand by promoting the problem that your not-yet-announced product will uniquely solve. By making that problem top of mind for your customers, a pre-launch campaign creates urgency in the market for your solution.

3 ways pe-launch campaigns prepare the market

A pre-launch campaign prepares the market for your product launch in three key ways:

  1. Freeze purchasing decisions until your product is launched.
  2. Create a funnel of qualified prospects who will be interested in an early evaluation of your product.
  3. Position your sales reps as strategy and clinical consultants.

Pre-launch campaigns accomplish those essential tasks by educating customers with non-commercial information about a specific issue. Rather than branded product campaigns, they don’t mention products at all. Instead, they capture the attention of influential early adopters, the first step in creating broad awareness of the problem you uniquely solve.

Pre-launch campaigns get critical early adopters on board

By creating pre-launch awareness of a key problem among early adopters, you are preparing them to signal to their networks that your solution is worthy of their consideration. As the Diffusion of Innovation Model has demonstrated for decades, early adopter create the buzz and credibility that persuade the large early majority segment into becoming your customers when you do launch your product.


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